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Here is a conversation between my non-violence friends

Emerica1050 has entered the room.
defrew: hey
JawGeneration has entered the room.
Numb1GreendayFan has entered the room.
defrew: im invitin more poeple
Numb1GreendayFan: hi
defrew: hello
KevinChng has entered the room.
KevinChng: errr
KevinChng: hey
defrew: wat?
IcEh0tl82 has entered the room.
defrew: who likes air soft?
IcEh0tl82: kevin
IcEh0tl82: get outta here!
JawGeneration: hello
IcEh0tl82: lol
IcEh0tl82: dont be spying on me
JawGeneration: hi kevin and annie
defrew: dont be rude
IcEh0tl82: lol
Emerica1050: me
Numb1GreendayFan: hi
Emerica1050: lol
defrew: hello
JawGeneration: wut a good bro/sis relationship
Numb1GreendayFan: hi kevin
defrew: lol
defrew: hi kevin
JawGeneration: who the fuck is emerica?
Numb1GreendayFan: well annie dis iznt da chat wid like
defrew: wat is you r alcaholic problem?
Numb1GreendayFan: justin n da rest ov da cvz
Numb1GreendayFan: lol
defrew: greg
JawGeneration: david is black
JawGeneration: o
Emerica1050: who the fuck are u
defrew: emerica is greg
defrew: kevin is mex
Emerica1050: who is that
Numb1GreendayFan: i dont tink much iz gonna happen here ull be embarrassed bout
JawGeneration: i am a poser
JawGeneration: i am long
Emerica1050: hahahahahahahah
JawGeneration: a fucking gay ass poser
defrew: me2
defrew: lol
Emerica1050: haha
defrew: long
JawGeneration: david , i am long a fucking poser
defrew: im a poser
defrew: me2
defrew: i invited smarterchild
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: does he autodecline?
defrew: but she/he wouldnt cum
JawGeneration: bobby
JawGeneration: its cant cum
defrew: yeah
JawGeneration: they might come
defrew: wat ever
JawGeneration: but not cum
Emerica1050: lol
Emerica1050: dumb ass
Emerica1050: lol
defrew: who is dumass?
Emerica1050: n/m
defrew: im so confuse
defrew: psg 1 rules
Emerica1050: i no
Emerica1050: but for 500 bucks hell no
JawGeneration: hardy
IcEh0tl82: umm
IcEh0tl82: ok
defrew: when i grow up im going to be an assasin
JawGeneration: ak47!
Emerica1050: lol
defrew: yeah
JawGeneration: hey greg
defrew: im going to buy psg 1
JawGeneration: i was stalking u today
Emerica1050: ok
JawGeneration: ya
Emerica1050: is this josh
JawGeneration: i saw u do your mom
Emerica1050: ok
defrew: iono
defrew: im josh
Emerica1050: r u a queer
JawGeneration: ya
Emerica1050: are u edward
JawGeneration: im a fag
defrew: hey watch your fucking language
JawGeneration: i do guys all the time
Emerica1050: bobby is that edward
JawGeneration: fuck you asshole
Emerica1050: lol
JawGeneration: no
JawGeneration: im eric
defrew: im eric!!!!
defrew: damn ass hole
JawGeneration: no me!
JawGeneration: damn
defrew: im bush
defrew: im so stoopid
JawGeneration: derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
defrew: ddr
JawGeneration: sucks
defrew: dance dance revolution
JawGeneration: jk
defrew: kool
JawGeneration: jk
JawGeneration: jk
defrew: u suck
defrew: fuck
defrew: define fuck
defrew: define shit
Emerica1050 has left the room.
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: he let
JawGeneration: left
defrew: anie!!!
defrew: kevin!!!
defrew: avid!!!
defrew: josh!!
defrew: josh likes.......
JawGeneration: david is sentimental
JawGeneration: i like melissa
defrew: josh and mellisa sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
JawGeneration: defrew and ****** sitting in a bush
JawGeneration: dont make me go on
defrew: im eating breakfast right now
defrew: lol
JawGeneration: kinda early
JawGeneration: dont u think'
defrew: no
JawGeneration: ok...
defrew: i hate poeple
defrew: and societyt
defrew: i like to jum p off the rooof
JawGeneration: i like to shoot myself in the head
defrew: angie is being invited
JawGeneration: uh oh
JawGeneration: im gone then
JawGeneration: she is a bitch
defrew: i know that
defrew: but
defrew: she is a bitch
defrew: she declined my invite
defrew: annie
defrew: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
JawGeneration: hey
defrew: hey
JawGeneration: is 4
JawGeneration: horsies!
JawGeneration: that site sucks!!!!!!!!
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: jk
JawGeneration: jk
JawGeneration: jk
defrew: fuck
defrew: u
JawGeneration: no
JawGeneration: not u fuck me
defrew: bitch!!!!!
JawGeneration: SHE fuck me
defrew: who
defrew: mellisa?
JawGeneration: HER
defrew: hey watch your fucking language
JawGeneration: fucking ok
defrew: you better not fucking cuss or ill shut you fucking trap, u fucking fag-got
defrew: got - mild
defrew: got-milk
defrew: got- fag
defrew: got- shit
defrew: got- roofs
defrew: got- ddr
defrew: got- poeple
defrew: kevin is in the house!!!!!!
defrew: i tink
defrew: shut up
defrew: defrew
JawGeneration: ummm
JawGeneration: kev in ur bro or annies bro?
defrew: dont make me shut your trap
JawGeneration: ahhh
JawGeneration: ur so mean
Numb1GreendayFan: o hi
defrew: fuck me!!!!bitch. i hate my fucking self
JawGeneration: hey david
defrew: tht is y i like to jump of the rooof
defrew: !!
JawGeneration: u r sentimental
JawGeneration: about friends
IcEh0tl82 has left the room.
defrew: trying to kill my self
defrew: but instead
defrew: i fuciing hurt my self
defrew: with out dying
defrew: u know how
defrew: suc that is?
JawGeneration: ya
JawGeneration: annie left
defrew: annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
defrew: who is annie?
defrew: i forgot
defrew: i been sniffling
JawGeneration: kevin
defrew: stuff
defrew: kevin
defrew: sucks
defrew: i dont know him
defrew: he is mean
defrew: he i sbetween
defrew: 20 through4 0
defrew: i dont know my bros ageo kayda
JawGeneration has left the room.
defrew: fuck
defrew: that fucking hurts
defrew: damn
defrew: y me?
defrew: y?
defrew: *sobbing*
defrew: damn it
defrew: i should post this conversation in y website
defrew: *my
KevinChng has left the room.
defrew: shit
defrew: friend do go fast
defrew: hey daivd
defrew: buddy
defrew: wasup
defrew: bitch

Here is another chat between my "friends" on 11-3-02

You have just entered room "defrew Chat20."
JawGeneration has entered the room.
JawGeneration: brb
IcEh0tl82 has entered the room.
defrew: hey
Emerica1050 has entered the room.
defrew: hey
IcEh0tl82: hi
defrew: hello?
Emerica1050: hey
Princezz88T has entered the room.
defrew: well well
Princezz88T: hey people
Princezz88T: who's emerica?
IcEh0tl82: hihi
defrew: who here likes
IcEh0tl82: wuts up
Princezz88T: hey annie chang!!
Princezz88T: lol
IcEh0tl82: hey tanya bouy!!!
IcEh0tl82: lol
defrew: hey tanya bui~~~~
IcEh0tl82: lol
Princezz88T: lol
IcEh0tl82: nonono
IcEh0tl82: u have to say buoy
defrew: hey josh whihiwhithithithithiwhiwhihiyon
Princezz88T: hahaha
Princezz88T: DORK!
defrew: it is bui
Princezz88T: WHO'S EMERICA1050?
defrew: he is my neighbor
defrew: he is a very good skater
Princezz88T: no!! u dont get it.. its something between annie chang and me.
Princezz88T: ok
Princezz88T: cool
Emerica1050: guess where i was today
Princezz88T: umm where? =)
defrew: wherE?
Princezz88T: annie! are u doing anything this friday?
Emerica1050: skating with salmon agah and a bunch of pros at my friends ramp
Princezz88T: ooo cool lol
defrew: where?
defrew: who
defrew: nick?
Emerica1050: hes got three half pipes in his backyard
Emerica1050: nope
defrew: who
Princezz88T: ANNIE!
Emerica1050: taylor
Emerica1050: u dont no him
defrew: oh nice
defrew: annie!!!
Emerica1050: it was awesom
defrew: nice
Emerica1050: there was so many pros
defrew: im here!!
defrew: im annie!!!
defrew: who
IcEh0tl82: ahhh
IcEh0tl82: lol
IcEh0tl82: sry
defrew: steph is nice
IcEh0tl82: ummm
IcEh0tl82: this friday
IcEh0tl82: i dont know
IcEh0tl82: why!?!?!
Princezz88T: cuz!! wanna go to da movies?!
defrew: party at annies house on friday!!!!!
Princezz88T: kelli dempsi and i are planning to go with like 20 ppls! lol
Princezz88T: write back asap miss chang!
defrew: im going too!!!
Princezz88T: =)
defrew: i wanna go to the movies!!!!!
defrew: nice
Princezz88T: kool i o!
defrew: hey greg
defrew: do u wan to got to lasebians chat and diss them?
Princezz88T: MISS CHANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
defrew: i like dissing gay people
Princezz88T: U GUYS R MEAN!
Emerica1050: no not right now
defrew: lol
defrew: it was so funny
Princezz88T: omg- bobby, do u like steph H.?
defrew: nope
Emerica1050: i frontside flipped on this mini ramp it was uge
Princezz88T: ya u do
defrew: yeah
defrew: no[pe
defrew: y?
Princezz88T: yea u do
Princezz88T: everyone says so
IcEh0tl82: lol
defrew: who
defrew: ?
IcEh0tl82: hmmm
IcEh0tl82: 20 ppl go to movies
IcEh0tl82: can i bring evan!?
Princezz88T: no.. lol not sure yet..
IcEh0tl82: hehe
Princezz88T: ya!! sure!
defrew: damn it!!!
defrew: dude
Princezz88T: wut
defrew: gues wat happened today
JawGeneration: hello
defrew: i jumped off my roof
defrew: and
defrew: i land on my knee
defrew: i was bleedin like hell
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: HAHA
defrew: it fukin herts
Princezz88T: umm thats not very smart.
defrew: i was like bleding!!!!
JawGeneration: haha
defrew: alot!!!!!!
JawGeneration: who the hell is princess?
Princezz88T: annie!! wuts ur answer?
defrew: now i feel this great pain
JawGeneration: nikki?
defrew: yeas
Princezz88T: TANYA BUI!
JawGeneration: ooo
JawGeneration: lol
defrew: bui!!
JawGeneration: i r smrt
defrew: dammit
defrew: i thot u were angie!!!!
Princezz88T: huh
Princezz88T: ??
defrew: u were yelling like her
JawGeneration: gooooooooooooo left go right go pick up sticks go left go right go left!
defrew: nope
defrew: ayiayiayaiyyyai my lil butterfly
Princezz88T: wuts taking annie so long to answer?
defrew: lol
IcEh0tl82: sry tanya
IcEh0tl82: im like
IcEh0tl82: half alive right now
IcEh0tl82: wuts my answer for wut?
defrew: go to my site to seee our last converstaion
JawGeneration: lol
Princezz88T: yes or no?
defrew: my site
defrew: yeas
Princezz88T: what r u doing?!
Princezz88T: im getting MAD!
Princezz88T: =(
defrew: me2!!!!
defrew: im mad!!!!
Emerica1050 has left the room.
defrew: damn
defrew: emerica!!!
JawGeneration: miss bunshugger = crappy teacher
defrew: wat a gay ass poser
IcEh0tl82: r jnsdf kn
JawGeneration: lol
IcEh0tl82: lol
defrew: hey
IcEh0tl82: im not sure if i can
defrew: wat ch it
IcEh0tl82: i have to ask my mom
IcEh0tl82: and shes sleepin
defrew: this converstaion is going to be on my site
JawGeneration: lol
defrew: so
JawGeneration: ok
defrew: dont cus
Princezz88T: ya me too.. let's make talk about it during the schol week
JawGeneration: i am long a gay assed poser
JawGeneration: i suck dick while double fakie ollying
defrew: i wan tmy site to be rated g
defrew: not r
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: x!
IcEh0tl82: okie dokie
Princezz88T: annie- can i talk to u on IM?
Emerica1050 has entered the room.
defrew: annie and tanya i hav sumthing to say
Princezz88T: ya?
defrew: u both look nice today
defrew: lol
defrew: i just cant help it
Princezz88T: uh ok!
defrew: i havnt sed that in a long time
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: bobby bobyy bobby
defrew: steph is nice
defrew: nnnnniiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeeeee
defrew: josh and mellisa sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
JawGeneration: together forever stay ion my heart 2gether 4ever
JawGeneration: lol
IcEh0tl82 has left the room.
defrew: dman it
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: emerica r gay
defrew: i hav
defrew: the new stevie wiliams
Princezz88T: ok gtg bye
Princezz88T has left the room.
defrew: shoes
JawGeneration: haha
defrew: dc
defrew: i hav the new stevie williams dc shoes
defrew: so.............
defrew: if u r gay say aye!!!!
JawGeneration: i have a gf
JawGeneration: keep it hush hush
defrew: who is it?
defrew: i like _____
defrew: skate
defrew: baording
defrew: hey
defrew: i like two things
defrew: and they both start with "s"
defrew: skating and her
Emerica1050 has left the room.
defrew: that girl who
defrew: wh
defrew: who
JawGeneration: stephanie
defrew: who
defrew: damn it josh
JawGeneration: lol
defrew: i was goign to make it emotional
JawGeneration: u like steph
JawGeneration: skate and steph
JawGeneration: lol
defrew: skate and steph
defrew: which do i like better?
defrew: that is the question
JawGeneration has left the room.
defrew: to skate or to like
defrew: that is the question
defrew: damn it
defrew: !!!!!
defrew: god everybody left
defrew: ok
defrew: it i sjust me and u bobby
defrew: i sure hav sum shittyass friends
defrew: well
defrew: okdaday


ou have just entered room "defrew Chat80."
JawGeneration has entered the room.
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs has entered the room.
defrew: damn it
defrew: where is long?
JawGeneration: ...
JawGeneration: hi
defrew: damn it
defrew: annie declined
defrew: hey
endlessgrind420 has entered the room.
happiegirlygirl has entered the room.
defrew: yo
endlessgrind420: hey
defrew: santiago rules
endlessgrind420: ?
defrew: wat?
defrew: wat?
defrew: do u knwo wat is funny?
endlessgrind420: what
defrew: u go to a lesbian caht
happiegirlygirl: hey do i knoe any of u?
defrew: and dissed them
JawGeneration: who is endless grind?
defrew: yeah
endlessgrind420: im beck
defrew: beck
defrew: he is in my woodshop
defrew: u knwo uss
defrew: cv poprlr knows uss
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: whos jaw generation?
defrew: josh
defrew: whittingtom
happiegirlygirl: can i invite anthony?
defrew: yeah
JawGeneration: im josh
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: oo.. ok
defrew: i invited annie
endlessgrind420: oh hey josh
defrew: but she declined
JawGeneration: o
JawGeneration: hey beck
JawGeneration: sup
xlil chow meinx has entered the room.
endlessgrind420: hey nuthing
defrew: cv sucks\
defrew: they blocked me
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: hahahahahahahaha
happiegirlygirl: im gonna invite alex
endlessgrind420: whos anthony
defrew: ok
defrew: but they all blocke me
endlessgrind420: whos anthony
JawGeneration: lol
JawGeneration: haha bobby
defrew: fucking people who goes to cv
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: xlilchowmeinx is anthony
defrew: they r all gay
endlessgrind420: torrez?
defrew: except for
endlessgrind420: oh
defrew: happie girly girl
endlessgrind420: oh
defrew: wat wat?
defrew: cv sucks!!!!!!
endlessgrind420: whos happiegirly
defrew: she is cool
ManChan714 has entered the room.
happiegirlygirl: a girl names michelle from cv
JawGeneration: man chan?
defrew: becus she is the only person who didnt blocked me
ManChan714: what"
ManChan714: ?
JawGeneration: who?
ManChan714: me
endlessgrind420: oh
BLu2ViOLeT has entered the room.
defrew: fcuk man cahn
ManChan714: go away bobby
defrew: fuck u!!!!
ManChan714: no im not gay like you im sorry
endlessgrind420: whos manchan
ManChan714: im sorry if i disapointed you
ManChan714: im man chan
defrew: fuck ing people who goes to fuckign cv!!!!
ManChan714: thats my name
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: whos man chan?
BLu2ViOLeT: whos endless?
happiegirlygirl: brb
BLu2ViOLeT: whos punk?
defrew: he is a gay ass poser
ManChan714: man chan is my name
ManChan714: me too
ManChan714: hes blocked
defrew: man cahn ass hole
ManChan714: i gugessss i shold ignore him..
defrew: that is yoru full neam
ManChan714: ahh
ManChan714: much better
happiegirlygirl: hey who is everyone
JawGeneration: i am josh whittingotn
endlessgrind420: beck
JawGeneration: who the hell r u
ManChan714: i am man chan
happiegirlygirl: michelle
ManChan714: that is my name
JawGeneration: ummm
BLu2ViOLeT: im goin go now
ManChan714: how many times do i have to tell you?
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: uhhh.. i have no idea ant
BLu2ViOLeT: bye
JawGeneration: ok
BLu2ViOLeT has left the room.
defrew: my porn site
endlessgrind420: me?
endlessgrind420: oh
JawGeneration: ya
JawGeneration: ?
JawGeneration: who r u chow meinx
JawGeneration: ok
JawGeneration: ummm
JawGeneration: whats ur name?
ManChan714: man chan
JawGeneration: whois man chan
JawGeneration: o
defrew: click here to go to bobbys porn site with full of beautiful girls and cars of yoru fantasy. click here now!!!the girls r waiting for u
ManChan714: huh?
ManChan714: an E?
JawGeneration: U ALL FUCKING SUCK!!!!!! FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!
JawGeneration has left the room.
ManChan714: oh yeah
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: bobby.. ur dumb
ManChan714: lol
ManChan714: i forgot about that
defrew: fuck u
defrew: that is my site
ManChan714: ..... umm extremely cold
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: y would we even click on that?
defrew: dumass
defrew: it is to my site
defrew: it is a link to my site
ManChan714: bye
ManChan714: ...
defrew: and no
ManChan714: im gonna go too...
defrew: i was jk
xlil chow meinx has left the room.
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs: ya.. me too
ManChan714: whateva
ManChan714 has left the room.
PUNkROqSmYSoCKs has left the room.
defrew: fcuk
endlessgrind420 has left the room.
defrew: fuck
defrew: fuck
defrew: fuck
defrew: fuck
defrew: fuck
happiegirlygirl: g2g
happiegirlygirl has left the room.
defrew: this fucking sucks

talk with smarterchild

azndefrew: hey
SmarterChild: This is SmarterChild, built by ActiveBuddy, Inc.

Oh it's you. What's up?
azndefrew: me? what are u talking about foolo
SmarterChild: What am I talking about foolo? I haven't decided yet.
azndefrew: shut up
SmarterChild: Uh... You're rude.
azndefrew: really?
SmarterChild: Yep.
azndefrew: i havn't notice
SmarterChild: I havnt notice, huh?
azndefrew: shut da fuck up
SmarterChild: Yeah, I remember when I first discovered dirty words.

Grow UP.
azndefrew: grow up? what the fuck are u talking about? are your balls hairy if you're so grown up.
SmarterChild: Why, that's just terrible. My poor, innocent ears!
azndefrew: hairy balls!!!well thought so
SmarterChild: Well thought so, you say?
azndefrew: do you have any balls at all?
SmarterChild: Do I have any balls at all? Not that I'm aware of.
azndefrew: fuck!!!!
SmarterChild: Nice mouth!
azndefrew: so you're a girl now?
SmarterChild: Is that right?
azndefrew: well, do you have a dick
SmarterChild: Uh... You're rude.
azndefrew: lol
SmarterChild: What's so funny? :-)
azndefrew: You dont hav a dick
SmarterChild: Hmm... that's not the nicest thing I've ever heard anyone say.
azndefrew: hehe, go fuck a chicken or something
SmarterChild: You know what? I think you need to apologize for that. Waddaya say?
azndefrew: fuck you!!!!
SmarterChild: Pretty please?

I've been known to be quite stubborn...

Say you're sorry.
azndefrew: go to hell!!!
SmarterChild: Please say you're sorry, and everything will be just fine again.
azndefrew: get the fuck away from me1!!!!!
SmarterChild: You know what? I'm a machine. I have, like, lots and lots of patience...
azndefrew: how can u be a machine? you dont have any balls
SmarterChild: Say you're sorry, please.
azndefrew: fuck !!!
SmarterChild: Please say you're sorry, and everything will be just fine again.
azndefrew: ok, im sorry
SmarterChild: I accept your apology.
azndefrew: that you mom is a hor!!!!
SmarterChild: You really think it's a hor?
azndefrew: yes
SmarterChild: Yeah, huh?
azndefrew: yep
SmarterChild: Interesting. Very, very interesting.
azndefrew: are u gay now?
SmarterChild: That doesn't really matter, does it?
azndefrew: fuck!!! well, do u fuck ur chicken?
SmarterChild: Weird that you insist on saying that, after what we went through before.
azndefrew: fuck you
SmarterChild: Once again... I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you for an apology.
azndefrew: im sorry
SmarterChild: Thanks!

Everything's cool now.
azndefrew: that your mom is a prostitute!!!
SmarterChild: Huh? Again?
azndefrew: nevermind
SmarterChild: OK, fine.
azndefrew: damn bitch!!!