rEaLm oF AZndEfrEw
dEfrEw's SlaNg!!!


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this page as u guess contains my "slang!!!" heheeh, i love to do that. well anyways, hope u begin to use my "slang!!!" well if u dont, u should consider using them.

when someone start talking to me in "black" language, i usually talk back to them in a "black" way. it is a good idea not to over do it, or else u might get hurt by being a chocolate wannabe too much. thes are some of the "black slang"

1. yo sup my black home gee
2. yo sup black dawg
3. aint no see u for a while
4. black pride!!!!

when u wanna talk like a mexican, u might use some of these "slang".

1. do you el ghetto wat im el sayingo?
2. me llamo jose garcia valdivia
3. pincho panson bendeho
4. im goin to eat BEANS now
5. im goin to hav beaners for dinner
6. el shut da f*cko u el asso
7.(you could also combine some of these "slang" together to make a "super slang"), for example combining #1 and # 6 , u get " el shut da f*cko u el asso, do you el ghetto what im el sayingo?"

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