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On this page is all about my clan, -=ugn=- aka Underground Guerilla Network. if u wanna join look for info on da bottom of this page

Name: Alex
Screename: Wisbizkit
Skill: advance intermediate
Joined: 2-25-02
Prefer map: Italy, Assualt, Dust, Dust 2, Aztec
Prefer primary gun: ak47, sig sg-552 commando, colt m4a1
Prefer secondary gun: desert eagle
Aim: Wisbizkit69
Info: the founder of UGN
Funniest event: playing T's on assault and were chasing the CT out of the building and had to shoot the hostages to kill him
advice: dont be hack because they ruin the game!

if u wanna join just im me or email me defrew@hotmail.com , my im sn is bwevo. and tell me the following : name, ugn sn, skill, prefer map, prefer weapon, prefer secondary weapon, aim sn